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A voyage to Freedom - 1948

65th - 2013



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65th - 2013  


Into God's Hands

 A stormy sea -
the water 
looms endless -
cold and frigid;

We leave behind 
those we have loved
things we have known;

All my possessions
in one small suitcase -
are easy to pack;

What fate awaits us?

Together we came
with dread -
yet filled  with hope;

Into God's hands -
we placed our dreams
and our lives;

Deliver us all
from evil
Your kingdom come;

We thank You -
for this second chance
our lives anew.

Tiiu Roiser 
Dec. 2008




65th Reunion
November 15th & 30th, 2013

Memories -  To live in the hearts of those we leave behind - is not to die.
~ Thomas Campbell, Hallowed Ground


The passenger 65th reunion was held this time in two parts.  Many passengers have now taken up residency in a retirement home and found it difficult to join the larger group at the November 30th reunion.

The entire retirement home was invited to view the film "Destiny of a Tiny Ship" on November 15th.  Passengers gathered and shared their recollections with the rest of the resident.  Harry Õunpuu was the one who built the toilets on the ship.  He recalls measuring the opening for the seat with his head.  Guri Raag shared his written account of the voyage which may be read in Estonian here and also translated into English here.


Walnut passengers gather at Ehatare retirement home in November 2013, to celebrate 65 years in Canada.

65th Reunion Photographs 

The following images have been donated by Walnut passengers and/or their families.   
All images on this page are used with permission  and are copyrighted by the image providers.  All rights reserved.   
I thank all the individuals who have graciously allowed us to post their images on this website.  

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walnut_65_1.JPG (5594263 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 1
Nelly Lind

walnut_65_2.JPG (6084899 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 2
Pastor Jüri Puusaag & Koidula Roiser


walnut_65_3.JPG (4833638 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 3
Toivo, Karl & Raivo Laaneorg (Lane)
walnut_65_4.JPG (4599183 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 4
Tiina & Nelly Hubel, 
Ester Lewis & Saale Ramat
walnut_65_5.JPG (3874447 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 5
Passengers & Guests
walnut_65_6.JPG (6343076 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 6


walnut_65_7.JPG (6633911 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 7


walnut_65_8.JPG (5907268 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 8
walnut_65_9.JPG (4986192 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 9
walnut_65_10.JPG (6222312 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 10
walnut_65_11.JPG (4763301 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 11
Pastor Puusaag & Pia Heinsar
walnut_65_12.JPG (7312418 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 12
Leida Pajur at the buffet.
walnut_65_13.JPG (4646966 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 13
walnut_65_14.JPG (6372774 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 14
Nick Chorowiec serving wine.
walnut_65_15.JPG (5424682 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 15


walnut_65_16.JPG (6223842 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 16
The Leppik family.
walnut_65_17.JPG (5698178 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 17
The Männik family & guests.
walnut_65_18.JPG (6281069 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 18


walnut_65_19.JPG (5952097 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 19
Lynda Männik & family members.
walnut_65_20.JPG (7803760 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 20
walnut_65_21.JPG (6232409 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 21
Watching the movie.
walnut_65_22.JPG (7292150 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 22


walnut_65_23.JPG (6181040 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 23
walnut_65_24.JPG (6271456 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 24


walnut_65_25.JPG (6293006 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 25
Pastor Puusaag brings greetings.
walnut_65_26.JPG (5522475 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 26
Kevin Chorowiec our tech expert.
walnut_65_27.JPG (6329733 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 27


walnut_65_28.JPG (4066859 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 28
All passengers attending reunion.
walnut_65_29.JPG (5634819 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 29
Passengers & their families.
walnut_65_30.JPG (4012645 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 30
Thank you to Hillside Cafe & Raivo Männamaa for the wonderful catering.


walnut_65_31.JPG (4561782 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 31
Agnes Paju
walnut_65_32.JPG (6260138 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 32
walnut_65_33.JPG (6339349 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 33


walnut_65_34.JPG (6244134 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 34
walnut_65_35.JPG (5801994 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 35


walnut_65_36.JPG (6358681 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 36
walnut_65_37.JPG (6400624 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 37
Lynda Männik shares info about
the writing of her book.
walnut_65_39.JPG (5781287 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 39
walnut_65_40.JPG (5809337 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 40
walnut_65_41.JPG (5788018 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 41
Three generations of Family Lin.
walnut_65_42.JPG (6088848 bytes)
Walnut 65th - 42
Tiiu Roiser


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