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Into God's Hands

 A stormy sea -
the water 
looms endless -
cold and frigid;

We leave behind 
those we have loved
things we have known;

All my possessions
in one small suitcase -
are easy to pack;

What fate awaits us?

Together we came
with dread -
yet filled  with hope;

Into God's hands -
we placed our dreams
and our lives;

Deliver us all
from evil
Your kingdom come;

We thank You -
for this second chance
our lives anew.

Tiiu Roiser 
Dec. 2008




Thank You!  Palju tänu!

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The passengers aboard the Walnut can be considered the first post WWII "Vikings".   How difficult was it for them to leave everything that they had known and held dear?  They left behind their most precious possession

-- their homeland --  

having chosen its price, to be that of freedom.

We honour those brave individuals who undertook this perilous journey and ventured forth toward an unknown future.

May this website keep alive their stories and memory.

The following have generously donated photographs, newspaper clippings, stories and memories to this site. 

Heather Browne - Ireland
Mrs. Browne - Ireland
Pastor C.C.W. Browne - Ireland
Aine Chambers - Ireland
Enrico Corno
Noel Guinane - Ireland
Himo Hanninen
Nelly Hubel - Toronto
Mati Idnurm
Max Kalm - Toronto
Vivi Kivi - Toronto
Alexander Kozik
Nelly Lind - Toronto
Tõnis Lind jr. - Toronto
Andre Laguerre - aka `Lord St. John`
Lynda Männik - Hamilton
Paul Riabisson - Toronto
Anne Remmel - Toronto
Eduard Roiser - Toronto
Koidula Roiser ~ Toronto
Maiu Roiser-Alers ~ Toronto
Tiiu Roiser-Chorowiec ~ Toronto
Enn Saumets ~ Bracebridge
Ivi Saumets ~ Toronto
Manivald Sein ~ Toronto
Siim Sindonen
Ruti Vares ~ Toronto
Veiko Veski

Eesti Elu - Toronto, Canada - Tauno Mölder, Elle Puusaag and Vaado Sarapuu
Eesti Rada - Saksamaal/Germany - Karin Aanja

The Globe & Mail - Toronto, Canada
The Halifax Herald Ltd. - Halifax 
Pier 21 Museum - Halifax, Canada - Carrie-Ann Smith
Toronto Star - Torstar Syndication Services - Toronto, Canada


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The following articles have appeared in the Estonian community newspaper Eesti Elu
and other sources.  Some have the Walnut Voyage as their subject matter, others make mention of the ship.


In English

2004 - "Pier 21 and the Little Estonian Ship of Freedom" - June 25, 2004 by Ants Tammemägi

2007 - "York University PhD Thesis about the voyage of the Walnut" - Feb. 16, 2007 by Lynda Männik

2008 - "60th Anniversary of the Walnut's arrival in Canada" - Dec. 12, 2008 by Tiiu Roiser

2009 - Eesti Elu Online - News Release - New Website Depicting Walnut Voyage

2009 - Eesti Elu Online - "Stephen Harper announces Canada's newest national museum at Pier 21"

2009, June 25 -  Office of the Prime Minister - "PM announces Canada's newest national museum at Pier 21"

2009, June 25 - Office of the Prime Minister - PM Stephen Harper's Speech

2011, October 26  - Remembering the boat people - The Sligo Champion



Eesti Keeles - In Estonian

2006, 22. sept. - „Mälupilte ühest suvisest reisit“ - Aino Müllerbeck

2006, 22. sept. - „Põgenikepoliitika suure poliitika mänguruumis“ - Tõnu Naelapea

2008, 22. aug. - „EV Ottawa Suursaatkonna asjur Rasmus Lumi külastas Kanada idarannikut“ - EE

2009, 23. jaan. - „Walnut 60“ - Paul Rabisson

2009, 23. aprill - Kohalikud uudised - Eesti Elu Online - „Uus webileht Walnut'i Reisist aastal 1948“

2009, 26. aprill - Postimees.ee - „Veebileht tutvustab Eesti pagulaste ohtlikku teekonda“ - Hanneli Rudi

2009, 3. juuli - Eesti Elu Online - „Pier 21 -- Kanada kõige uuem riiklik muuseum“




1948 Voyage of the Walnut Ship - Interview with Koidula Roiser

Family Lind's Flight to Freedom Aboard the Walnut Ship

Recollections from Nelly Hubel and Vivi Kivi

Estonian anthem with photos by Hendrik aka "ESTONIAisTHEbest.



Pier 21's History

Pier 21 - National Historic Site - Home Page

Pier 21 - Scotiabank Research Centre 





highly recommended website filled with facts about Estonia's history, culture, education and science, state, economy, society and nature


Download Estonian Anthem midi file.

Government of Estonia

Alexander Kozik Photo Album - atcg.org

US Department of State - Facts About Estonia

Wikipedia - Estonia

World Fact Book - Estonia




Eesti Elu Ajaleht - 
Tartu College'i Kirjastuskomitee väljaanne

Estonian Life Newspaper
Published by Tartu College Publishing Committee


Estonian World Council, Inc. - Microsoft Copyrighted Image

Estonian World Council, Inc.
Ülemaailme Eesti Kesknõukogu - Rahvastikuministri Büroo.

A website providing information to and about Estonians living abroad.


New York Estonian House

New York Eesti Maja



The New York Estonian Educational Society was born on December 7,1929. A meeting of the various local Estonian organizations was convened to unify the Estonians in New York. 77 members were present, and the “Unified Estonian Organization” was created.  Since then, the Society has served as the center and focal point of Estonian activity in New York."


Home page of Vancouver's Estonian Events


Home page of Vancouver's Estonian Events

Posts the cultural interests and bylaws of various organizations including the Estonian Church Foundation - Community Centre in Vancouver "MEIE KODU" which houses the Estonian Orthodox Church, St. Peter's Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kuldne Klubi pensioners club, EKÜK-Society for Advancement of Estonian Studies, Vancouver Estonian Society (Eesti Selts), and  the Vancouver Estonian Archives, just to name a few. 


Saint Peter's Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto

St. Peter's began its ministry to serve Estonians arriving in Canada in 1948.  Several Walnut reunions have been held here.




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