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Into God's Hands

 A stormy sea -
the water 
looms endless -
cold and frigid;

We leave behind 
those we have loved
things we have known;

All my possessions
in one small suitcase -
are easy to pack;

What fate awaits us?

Together we came
with dread -
yet filled  with hope;

Into God's hands -
we placed our dreams
and our lives;

Deliver us all
from evil
Your kingdom come;

We thank You -
for this second chance
our lives anew.

Tiiu Roiser 
Dec. 2008




S.S. Walnut Voyage - Passenger Photographs

All photographs were donated by Walnut passengers and/or their families. 
All images on this page are used with permission and are Copyrighted by the image providers.  All rights reserved.   
I thank all the individuals who have graciously allowed their images to be posted to this website.  
A list of contributors appears on the links page. 


If you are a passenger, please help with the captions.  Names will only be posted with the permission of the subject depicted or if the name has already appeared in a published article.  Passenger names are identified in red.  

Click each thumbnail to see the full-size picture.


Images of Ship "Walnut"


Walnut1.jpg (90016 bytes)

Walnut13.jpg (204542 bytes)

Walnut9.jpg (81004 bytes)

View 1 View 2 View 3

Walnut4.jpg (64299 bytes)

Walnut5.jpg (193718 bytes)

Walnut6.jpg (71983 bytes)

View 4 View 5 View 6

Walnut7.jpg (87136 bytes)

Walnut17.jpg (147667 bytes)

Walnut10.jpg (119699 bytes)

View 7 Walnut life preserver - currently in the custody of family Saarniit. View 8

Walnut11.jpg (139862 bytes)

Hubel.jpg (137741 bytes)

View 9 At Göteborg pier
Nov. 12, 1948


In Sweden - Prior to Voyage

Ir19.jpg (155837 bytes)

Ir22.jpg (137146 bytes)

Ir20.jpg (155331 bytes)

Passengers boarding in Sweden.

Ir21.jpg (119998 bytes)

Ir3.jpg (76468 bytes)

Ir7.jpg (273531 bytes)

The Walnut carried passengers of all ages. Passengers and crew.

Ir18.jpg (126338 bytes)

Ir1.jpg (135397 bytes)

Ir2.jpg (89365 bytes)

Lysekil, Sweden.

Boarding in Sweden.

Port authorities check passengers in Sweden.

Walnut16.jpg (168566 bytes)

Boarding the Walnut Port authorities check passengers. People watch from dock as Walnut pulls away.

Ir15.jpg (81799 bytes)

Walnut12.jpg (1040019 bytes)

R-1.jpg (57322 bytes)

Those they left behind
at Lysekil.
As the Walnut leaves, the
A.B. Sveriges Forenade Konservabriker is clearly visible.
Last view of Lysekil, Sweden. 


Images Onboard


s21.jpg (186240 bytes)

S1.jpg (167182 bytes)

s22.jpg (156926 bytes)

Crowded decks Happy to be onboard. Not much room to move.

s23.jpg (188212 bytes)

s65.jpg (215909 bytes)

s30.jpg (126402 bytes)

Engine Room Shoveling coal.

s27.jpg (145123 bytes)

S8.jpg (122957 bytes)

s29.jpg (179346 bytes)

The stern held the lifeboats. Traveling companions. Luggage stowed in lifeboats.

s54.jpg (195007 bytes)

s28.jpg (100541 bytes)

s33.jpg (146974 bytes)

A calm sea day. Ladies' washroom

s63.jpg (127707 bytes)

S10.jpg (119938 bytes)

s53.jpg (150794 bytes)

On deck. Passengers A dirty job.

s56.jpg (70628 bytes)

s55.jpg (81000 bytes)

s57.jpg (176376 bytes)

Crew 1. Crew 2. Crew 3.

s47.jpg (162168 bytes)

August Linde.jpg (125227 bytes)

s58.jpg (146935 bytes)

Crew 4. Captain August Linde. Crew 6.

s20.jpg (165884 bytes)

s19.jpg (138198 bytes)

s32.jpg (72654 bytes)

s49.jpg (152161 bytes)

s17.jpg (154475 bytes)

s16.jpg (157298 bytes)

Crew 7. Crew 8. Crew 9. 

s51.jpg (116697 bytes)

s26.jpg (142792 bytes)

s48.jpg (96735 bytes)

A clear & quiet day. Crew 10.  Passengers 1.

S5.jpg (98255 bytes)

s40.jpg (119663 bytes)

s60.jpg (146981 bytes)

Passengers 2. Passengers 3. Passengers 4.

s61.jpg (95454 bytes)

s34.jpg (122559 bytes)

s35.jpg (86309 bytes)

From the left:  Tiit & Toivo Madrus From the left:  Tiit & Toivo Madrus Toivo, Herbert & Tiit Madrus

s31.jpg (75126 bytes)

s37.jpg (45739 bytes)

s36.jpg (161961 bytes)

Helene Remmel, 
Hilda & Voldemar Vahtula
Koidula Roiser 1. Koidula Roiser 2.

s38.jpg (365032 bytes)

S6.jpg (139857 bytes)

s46.jpg (148391 bytes)

Below deck 1. Below deck 2. `Below deck 3.

s18.jpg (204794 bytes)

s14.jpg (140638 bytes)

S4.jpg (147602 bytes)

Below deck 4. Below deck 5. Below deck 6.

s45.jpg (157444 bytes)

s44.jpg (157787 bytes)

s50.jpg (170332 bytes)

Below deck 7. Below deck 8. Below deck 9.

s52.jpg (164800 bytes)

s25.jpg (206437 bytes)

s39.jpg (153261 bytes)

Below deck 10. Below deck 11. Below deck 12.

s41.jpg (210486 bytes)

S3.jpg (94009 bytes)

S2.jpg (230207 bytes)

Passengers 8. Passengers 9. Passengers 10.

S7.jpg (161298 bytes)

s42.jpg (153024 bytes)

s43.jpg (121086 bytes)

Passengers 11. Passengers 12. 
Waiting in the food line.
Passengers 13.

s59.jpg (115537 bytes)

s64.jpg (82247 bytes)

s62.jpg (124543 bytes)

Passengers 14. Passengers 15. From the left:  
Herbert Madrus and Manfred Kalm

S12.jpg (149640 bytes)

Onboard lunchroom.jpg (432453 bytes)

S9.jpg (127941 bytes)

Manfred Kalm Onboard eating area. From left:
Eduard Kuutma and 
Helmuth Suursööt


Sligo, Ireland

Ir13.jpg (145583 bytes)

Walnut3.jpg (193898 bytes)

Ir11.jpg (146926 bytes)
Disembarking in Sligo.


Departing Sligo.

Ir12.jpg (637535 bytes)

Bringing aboard cargo

s24.jpg (147898 bytes)

Curious visitors in Sligo

Ir14.jpg (163017 bytes)


.Ir16.jpg (280112 bytes)

Local priests bless ship and passengers

Ir17.jpg (236875 bytes)


Ir9.jpg (156457 bytes)

Sligo residents bid farewell.


In Halifax & Pier 21

H27.JPG (45072 bytes)

Sydney to Halifax.jpg (93792 bytes)

H21.jpg (54574 bytes)
First views of Canada. Through the canal
from Sydney to Halifax.


Halifax harbour?

H12.jpg (186612 bytes)

H32.jpg (120986 bytes)

H1.jpg (163387 bytes)
Pier 21-1
Passengers await their fate.
Pier 21-2
Man on left?
  Right:  Herbert Madrus
Luncheon line.

H2.jpg (53302 bytes)

H8.jpg (192305 bytes)

H9.jpg (139285 bytes)

Left:  Nelly Hubel 
(nee Gustavson)
in line for food.
Lunch is served 1. Refugee camp cook.

H26.jpg (161737 bytes)

H23.jpg (149929 bytes)

H22.jpg (351825 bytes)

Everyone was on kitchen duty. Lunch is served 2. Manivald Sein 
does the dishes.

H29.jpg (190645 bytes)

H25.jpg (38099 bytes)

H17.jpg (164800 bytes)

Clean up crew. Passing time at DP camp. Playing cards.

H15.jpg (211763 bytes)

H13.jpg (167002 bytes)

H14.jpg (151329 bytes)

Christmas events 
at refugee camp.
Santa came to visit.. A gift for the eldest passenger.

H10.jpg (120795 bytes)

H18.jpg (82245 bytes)

H11.jpg (200321 bytes)

Manivald Sein searches 
for music.
Dancing 1.
Heljo Vichman 
& Manivald Sein
Dancing 2.

H6.jpg (172039 bytes)

H20.jpg (170262 bytes)

H24.jpg (144340 bytes)

At the refugee camp. Manfred Kalm 
& Manivald Sein
Refugee camp.
H3.jpg (122551 bytes) H28.jpg (257144 bytes)
Heljo Vichman, Manfred Kalm, Manivald Sein & ? Christmas events.
p3.jpg (205386 bytes) pier1.jpg (77768 bytes) pier2.jpg (218975 bytes)
Pier 21 - 2005. Walnut exhibit. Pier 21 - 2005


Photos Without Captions

Walnut8.jpg (137451 bytes) Walnut14.jpg (243903 bytes)

Perhaps leaving Sweden?


Perhaps leaving Sweden?


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